What's the best 1% colloidal oatmeal eczema lotion?

Eucerin vs. Aveeno vs. Dove: Which brand makes the best eczema lotion?

My stomach emits loud, rumbly noises if I don’t eat breakfast. So to avoid embarrassment, I always make sure to I eat a big bowl of oatmeal every morning if I have time. But recently, I’ve been thinking about another type of oatmeal: colloidal oatmeal, which is the active functional ingredient in many eczema relief lotions and creams. (Note to self: Investigate the difference between lotions and creams.)

The problem with gel moisturizers

Why do they all seem to contain fragrances and dyes?

At first glance, gel-based moisturizers seem like a virtuous choice for oily/combination skin. They tend to market themselves with appealing terms like oil-free, non-comedogenic, lightweight, and hydrating. But beneath that innocuous messaging lives a dark, untold truth…many of them contain fragrances and dyes, making them less than ideal for those of us with sensitive skin.