Hair care

BB Color Gloss review: A path to glossier color-treated hair?

Should you use this treatment to liven up color-treated hair?

Many things in life carry hidden costs that aren’t reflected in their initial price tags (caveat emptor indeed). For example, if you buy a large house, you’ll most likely need to spend more money to get it cleaned (or more time cleaning it yourself). If you start using waterproof mascara, you’ll also need to purchase eye makeup remover. If you color your hair, you’ll have to start buying sulfate-free shampoo to help preserve that color—and hair treatments like the one…

American Crew Fiber Review

This fiber is a popular styling product, but includes ingredients that may not be suitable for people who have oily hair or sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

Today we’re diving back into the world of men’s hair grooming products: American Crew Fiber. This is a small tub of hair product that is supposed to add shape and appealing texture to your hair. American Crew did a partnership to feature Elvis on its products, which is what you see here:

Johnson's head-to-toe baby wash & shampoo: A gentle option for adults?

This product could be a great sulfate-free shampoo for adults with color-treated hair and/or sensitive skin.

Even though I’m not a parent, I love keeping an eye on personal care products that are formulated for babies. I’ve mentioned my fascination with baby products before—this whole category of products is typically formulated to be extra-gentle for sensitive, pure skin. As someone who has sensitive skin and eczema, I look to baby products as a safe haven for ingredients that won’t aggravate my skin. I also like the claims of what each baby product doesn’t contain. One thing…