Irritating products

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner irritating?

The FDA received >1.3k complaints from consumers who claimed that this high-end cleansing conditioner caused hair loss, itching, and rash. Let's ask my dad what ingredients he thinks may be responsible.

While I was browsing the FDA website the other day (as I’m inclined to do from time to time), I noticed an interesting headline: “FDA Information for Consumers About WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioners.” It turns out that the FDA has received 1,386 reports from consumers about WEN cleansing conditioners (as of November 2016). Why has this product inspired so many complaints?

What makes Glossier Lash Stick irritating?

Some Redditors have complained about the irritating side effects of this mascara. Let's investigate what ingredients are to blame.

I first learned about Glossier a few years ago, as I was listening to a podcast, Call Your Girlfriend. Glossier was sponsoring the podcast and advertising a product known as the Boy Brow. Since then, it’s really exploded and become a cult favorite among beauty and skincare lovers. Glossier does a great job with marketing. I really want to buy their serums simply because they’re packaged so nicely. But recently, as I was browsing through /r/SkincareAddiction, I noticed several people…