Saalt Cup Wash review

This menstrual cup wash is a gentle cleanser that can double as a hand wash or body wash. And the bottle has lasted me for just about a year, so it's a great deal.

Working from home is great for many reasons, but here’s one that might not have crossed your mind, particularly if you’re not in possession of a uterus: now is the time to finally try a menstrual cup, in the safety of your own home. One thing that always held me back from taking the plunge was the (perhaps irrational) fear of dropping it on the ground in the restroom at work. There’s no need to fear such a thing when you’re working from home. Hallelujah.

Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 12.5% Vitamin C Serum review

This serum contains two forms of vitamin C to help brighten skin, but I'm not sure if it lives up to its claims and it's very expensive.

If you’ve been reading for a while now, you may have noticed that premium skin care products are not really my thing. Actually, premium anything is not really my thing. Kiehl’s is one of those high-endish brands that does a great job of marketing itself, but doesn’t really impress me much. If you actually take a close look at the ingredients, everything seems pretty similar to whatever you’d find on a regular drugstore shelf. Of course, it’s definitely possible that…

What is the difference between carnauba wax and microcrystalline wax, and why should you care?

Knowing the difference between these two waxes could help steer you in the right direction when you make your next lip balm purchase.

Do you ever wonder why wax is used in lip balms and other personal care products? And why do some products contain more than one type of wax? After all, aren’t all waxes pretty similar at the end of the day? Turns out that waxes are more nuanced than we think.