Boscia Matcha Magic Super Antioxidant Mask review: Super drying, but maybe worth trying

This mask is free of synthetic dyes and conventional preservatives, but it's also very drying. It may be a fun product for you to try—as long as you're not in a super dry climate.

I’ve had a soft spot for Boscia’s products ever since I learned that this company makes preservative-free products that are free of fragrances and dyes. So when I spotted the Boscia Matcha Magic Super Antioxidant Mask at my local TJ Maxx, I thought it would be fun to give it a try. I’ve also been trying to be more mindful of plastic packaging lately, so a jarred mask seems like a slightly greener alternative to individually packaged sheet masks. This product is also literally…

Bare Republic Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 30 review

This sunscreen is the tinted version of Bare Republic's regular facial sunscreen, and contains the same trio of antioxidant-rich oils: grape seed, carrot seed, and raspberry seed.

Remember those heavily discounted Bare Republic sunscreens I saw at Duane Reade (my local drugstore) a few months ago? I went back about a week after I first bought those and they were completely gone…replaced by Christmas merchandise. At least I had the chance to snag more than one bottle that day, including Bare Republic Tinted Facial Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30.

Bare Republic Body Sunscreen SPF 30 review

This sunscreen protects with a mix of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It's also fragrance-free though it does have a coconut-vanilla scent because it contains the coconut oil and vanillin.

Today I’m going to review another one of the deeply discounted Bare Republic sunscreens I scored from my local drugstore’s clearance section. Although this Bare Republic Body Sunscreen SPF 30 says “Sport” on it, and is water/sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes, it’s marketed as a Body Sunscreen. The company also makes an SPF 50 Sport sunscreen. This sunscreen contains quite a few more ingredients than the Bare Republic Face Sunscreen SPF 30 I reviewed the other…