What's the deal with in-shower lotion?

Does using an in-shower body lotion really save you time? We break down the pros and cons of this product category.

Some people are shower-in-the-morning people, while others are shower-at-night people. I’m a shower-at night person. There’s just something about scrubbing away your stress and putting on your PJs after you’re nice and clean. After my shower, I usually apply CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion all over my body, which is lightweight but still rich enough to keep my skin from feeling itchy. I recently started thinking about the idea of in-shower body lotions. Who uses them—morning…

Phthalates in personal care products: Should you be concerned?

Here are the four ingredients to watch out for. Plus, yet another reason to opt for fragrance-free products.

Phthalates are one of the 400 ingredients that Brandless bans from its personal care products. This piqued my interest because I have heard some rumblings about phthalates before. These chemicals are used in lots of products, ranging from plastic toys to shampoos. I decided to dig into the research and see what I could find. According to the FDA, three types of phthalates appear in cosmetic products: