What does 'clinically proven' mean when you see it on a skincare product label?

Let's dissect what these two words actually mean when it comes to skincare—is it marketing or is it science?

What makes a skincare product label effective? I think we’ve all come to expect that skincare products will try to sway us with pretty pictures and uplifting words like “brightening” and “soothing.” But it was only recently that I thought to question what it actually means for a skincare product to be “clinically proven.” I see this from time to time on certain labels, and I always thought that it referred to actual clinical trials. But it turns out that…

O'Keeffe's Working Hands vs. O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet

What's the difference between hand lotion and foot cream? Can you use foot cream on your hands, and vice versa?

Have you ever heard the expression, “Kick up your heels?” It’s meant to signify something positive, but when you have dry, cracked heels, that’s probably the last thing you’d want to do. You don’t want to kick those dry heels up for everyone to see—you want to hide them and wallow in shame (or at least I do). My feet are always a bit dry, but lately, the dryness has escalated into a huge crack in my right heel. So when Cyber Monday rolled around yesterday, I…

The best minimalist skincare routine: The Ordinary + CeraVe + Australian Gold + Differin

My skin started flaring up after introducing too many products at once—so I pared down my routine to just a handful of basics.

Remember the Stanford marshmallow experiment, tested kids’ ability to delay gratification? I might be able to delay eating a marshmallow, but I’m definitely terrible when it comes to delaying the gratification of trying out new skincare products. Why should I patch test when I could be one day closer to glowier, smoother skin? This, of course, has backfired more than a few times. The skin along my jawline started to break out more than usual shortly after I introduced three new…