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Stridex Maximum Pads review

These pads are alcohol-free, but contain fragrance and a preservative that may not be great for people with sensitive skin.

If you have acne, you’ve probably heard about the Stridex pads I’m writing about today. These pads are easy to use, pretty cheap, and they claim to be “easy on skin, tough on acne.” This last point is easier said than done. Although acne is a serious problem, acne treatments can sometimes do more harm than good. The FDA has received a number of complaints from consumers who experienced allergic reactions and/or irritation in response to acne products that included benzoyl…

American Crew Fiber Review

This fiber is a popular styling product, but includes ingredients that may not be suitable for people who have oily hair or sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

Today we’re diving back into the world of men’s hair grooming products: American Crew Fiber. This is a small tub of hair product that is supposed to add shape and appealing texture to your hair. American Crew did a partnership to feature Elvis on its products, which is what you see here:

Imperial Barber Grade Fiber Pomade Review

A fiber pomade that gives your hair a slick, 'wet' look. Plus, why you shouldn't always trust the ingredients listed on the website.

The world of men’s hair care products is a bit puzzling to me. How does hair gel differ from fiber pomade, apart from the fact that gel is usually squeezed from a tube, and pomade is a thicker substance packaged in a jar or tub?