Cocoa seed butter

Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion Review

This body lotion contains lots of different types of oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and even some food-like ingredients. But it may be too oily for some people.

I must preface this review by saying that I absolutely detest coconut. I hate eating it and I also hate smelling it. One time I made the mistake of buying shampoo without smelling it first; I realized that it smelled like coconut while I was already using it, so I had to smell the coconut scent on my hair all day long. I never made that mistake again. I’ll try to put aside my bias for the sake of this review, since today I’m focusing on a coconut-heavy lotion: Palmer’s Coconut…

NO-AD Sport Sunscreen, SPF 50 Review: Best value for summer

NO-AD may just be the most affordable, sweat-resistant sunscreen to prepare you for the summer ahead.

Lately, I’ve been asking lots of people a question: “Do you put on sunscreen every day?” Most of the time, people answer no, and then find themselves confused that I even asked such a thing. The other ~30 percent of the time, (s)he will nod, and I’ll give her/him a high five. (It’s usually a “her”). But when I ask that subset of sunscreen-wearing people a follow-up question, “Do you apply sunscreen everywhere, or just on your face?” They…