Malic acid

Pipette Overnight Brightening Mask review

This overnight mask is a great intro to the world of acids, but it contains an allergen that may be problematic for anyone with sensitive skin.

What do we do overnight, other than dream? Well, one thing you can start doing is improving your skin with an overnight mask! Pipette is a company that primarily makes products for babies, but you know how I love my baby products, because they tend to be less irritating/formulated for sensitive skin. And maybe this is just psychological, but I feel like companies put more thought into formulating baby products because they’re more likely to come under such scrutiny from the public—after…

Glycolic peel pads comparison: Dr. Dennis Gross vs. CVS Skin + Pharmacy

Could CVS Skin + Pharmacy glycolic peel pads be just as effective as the Dr. Dennis Gross's version (Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel)?

One of the products that was recommended to me during my Sephora mini-facial was Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel. My skin felt slightly irritated, but my mini facialist assured me that it was a great way to smooth out my acne scars. Of course, when I got home, I looked up the price of this product and was pretty shocked—$88 for 35 treatments? No thanks. However, the price isn’t actually that bad, since you don’t have to use it every day (my mini-facialist recommended…