Myristic acid

Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash review

This face wash is great for travel (a little goes a looong way), but may not be suitable for acne-prone and/or sensitive skin.

I’ve you’ve ever been unlucky enough to suffer from cystic acne, you probably know that touching your face—or letting anyone else touch it—is a no-no. It’s a sad, but no matter how much I love someone, I really don’t want that person’s hands to make contact with my face unless (a) it’s a matter of life or death; or (b) that person has impeccably clean hands. If you think that sounds crazy, you’re either a better person than I am or you’ve never had…

MUJI moisturizing face soap review

MUJI's moisturizing face soap is creamy but nothing to write home about. And it contains three comodogenic ingredients (per's list).

I’m not spontaneous person—my idea of taking a risk is buying skincare products IRL at unexpected places, like Trader Joe’s, TJ Maxx, or Whole Foods, without Googling them on my phone. This stands in stark contrast with my usual shopping habits, which consist of minutes hours of diligently reading reviews online before finally clicking “Add to Cart.” I recently took a chance on an IRL purchase of MUJI Face Soap Moisture—and boy, do I wish I hadn’t. I used it over…