Olay Complete Moisturizer Sensitive SPF 15 Review

A mom-approved sunscreen that's fragrance-free, lightweight, and doesn't clog pores.

From the name of this blog, you might (correctly) surmise that I tend to pepper my dad with more questions about the products I use every day. But today I’m going to flip the switch and talk about a product that came recommended by my mom: Olay Complete Moisturizer Sensitive (SPF 15). She bought a two-pack of this at Costco, and liked it so much that she suggested that I start using it, too. When someone like my mom recommends something to you, you listen, because she has pretty high…

What's the deal with in-shower lotion?

Does using an in-shower body lotion really save you time? We break down the pros and cons of this product category.

Some people are shower-in-the-morning people, while others are shower-at-night people. I’m a shower-at night person. There’s just something about scrubbing away your stress and putting on your PJs after you’re nice and clean. After my shower, I usually apply CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion all over my body, which is lightweight but still rich enough to keep my skin from feeling itchy. I recently started thinking about the idea of in-shower body lotions. Who uses them—morning…

What puts the whip in Olay Regenerist Whip Facial Moisturizer SPF 25?

How does this chemical sunscreen delivers a whipped texture without aerosol technology or nitrous oxide?

When I first discovered “whipped sunscreen” back in May, I was intrigued. Now I’m suddenly seeing it all over Olay’s advertisements. The whole Whips product line looks exactly like whipped cream. But in contrast to Coppertone’s Whipped Sunscreens, these Whips products are packaged in regular jars, rather than aerosol cans. So what helps create their “whipped” texture?