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Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen review

This sunscreen is designed to deliver a matte finish (non-greasy feel). How does it live up to those claims?

Sometimes I marvel at how far humans have come from the days of putting leeches on our skin as a form of medicine. I feel so lucky to live in a world that offers many types of sunscreen—not just chemical and physical, but also tinted sunscreen and even sunscreen that’s designed to provide a cooling sensation. The latest innovation I spotted in the drugstore was “dry” sunscreen—not “dry” in the sense that it’s actually a powder, but sunscreen that doesn’t…

What puts the whip in Olay Regenerist Whip Facial Moisturizer SPF 25?

How does this chemical sunscreen delivers a whipped texture without aerosol technology or nitrous oxide?

When I first discovered “whipped sunscreen” back in May, I was intrigued. Now I’m suddenly seeing it all over Olay’s advertisements. The whole Whips product line looks exactly like whipped cream. But in contrast to Coppertone’s Whipped Sunscreens, these Whips products are packaged in regular jars, rather than aerosol cans. So what helps create their “whipped” texture?