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Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen review

This sunscreen is designed to deliver a matte finish (non-greasy feel). How does it live up to those claims?

Sometimes I marvel at how far humans have come from the days of putting leeches on our skin as a form of medicine. I feel so lucky to live in a world that offers many types of sunscreen—not just chemical and physical, but also tinted sunscreen and even sunscreen that’s designed to provide a cooling sensation. The latest innovation I spotted in the drugstore was “dry” sunscreen—not “dry” in the sense that it’s actually a powder, but sunscreen that doesn’t…

Best sunscreen lip balms: A somewhat comprehensive guide

Many sunscreen lip balms only offer minimal SPF protection. Here are my top picks for the best sunscreen lip balms on the market right now.

Do you sometimes forget that lips need sunscreen, too? I certainly do! Recently, I decided to right this wrong by looking for the best sunscreen lip balm on the market. I compiled a list of my top picks, based on a combination of active sunscreen ingredients, the level of SPF protection provided, and the inclusion of other hydrating ingredients that make it an effective chapstick in addition to a sunscreen.

Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone Sunscreen Review: Is this 'cooling' sunscreen as cool as it seems?

How does this sunscreen deliver a cooling sensation? Plus, is 'alcohol denat.' a cause for concern?

Imagine that you’re outside in the middle of August. Everything is sticky, and the air so humid that you feel like the whole world took a hot shower and forgot to open the bathroom door to let the steam out. You’ve been outside for about two hours, which means that you need to reapply your sunscreen. Yessss! You’ve been waiting for this moment…because applying sunscreen feels like stepping into store that has A/C on full blast. Wait, what?