THE INKEY LIST Retinol Serum review: Turn back the clock for pennies?

My first impressions of this serum after a few weeks of use. Plus, what kind of retinol (and what concentration) does it actually contain?

THE INKEY LIST, to put it in Zoolander lingo, is…“so hot right now.” This company continues to take the world of skincare by storm, following in the tradition of transparent, affordable skincare that has garnered so much success for the The Ordinary. However, instead of The Ordinary’s signature glass bottles with droppers, THE INKEY LIST products are packaged in plastic tubes or bottles with black-and-white labels. The company only sells 20 skincare products, all of…

Fleur & Bee Eyes Eyes Baby Eye Cream review

This eye cream contains peptides for anti-aging benefits, as well as moisturizing ingredients like oils and extracts. Plus, anti-aging advice from my dad.

I don’t usually buy eye creams, but they are a “nice to have” that I’ll check out from time to time. That means, if someone gifts an eye cream to me, I’ll give it a try and use it whenever I feel like my under-eye area is in need of a bit of brightening. This Eyes Eyes Baby Eye Cream was one of three products gifted to me by the newly launched skin care brand, Fleur & Bee.

Sana Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Mask review

This fragrance-free face mask contains fermented soybean extract, which could help improve skin elasticity and provide other anti-aging benefits.

Traveling to a foreign country exposes you to so many new sights, sounds…and skincare products. Since I started this blog, skincare products have become some of my favorite souvenirs to bring back—especially face masks, since they travel light and they don’t take up space in my TSA-approved quart-size bag of liquids. Today I’m going to introduce you to a skincare product that actually relies on a food that many Asians (including me) already know and love: soy! I picked up this…