Supergoop Mineral Sheer Screen Sunscreen SPF 30 Review

This product lives up to the 'sheer' in its name, which is especially impressive for a zinc oxide-based sunscreen. It blends in like a dream and only leaves a very faint cast. And even though it's fragrance-free, it has a pleasant scent.

Supergoop Mineral Sheer Screen Sunscreen SPF 30 is the most elegant mineral/physical sunscreen I’ve ever tried. It’s impressive that it doesn’t contain any chemical sunscreen filters, because it blends in just like a chemical sunscreen would. Because it’s not water resistant, I only use it sparingly (whenever I’m sure I’m not going to sweat). But whenever I do use it, it’s always a treat.

Supergoop Sunscreen Mousse Review

This light and airy sunscreen contains lots of natural moisturizing ingredients. But it doesn't provide protection against UVA2 rays.

Out of all the sunscreens in Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit, I have to say that Supergoop Super Power Sunscreen Mousse has the friendliest packaging. But there’s a reason it wasn’t on my list of top six recommended sunscreens from Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit—it doesn’t provide as much broad-spectrum UV protection as I’d like. Let’s take a closer look at this mousse in action, shall we?