Color-safe hair care

OUAI Leave-in Conditioner Review: A luxurious way to bid farewell to flyaways

This leave-in conditioner is the perfect way to pamper your hair.

I always had terrible hair all through high school, and it got better after I moved to NYC. I always figured it was the result of outgrowing this bad hair phase of my life, but I realized that it was probably just the dry climate in Los Angeles, where I lived at the time. A recent trip to LA confirmed that my slightly wavy, frizzy hair tends to look and feel much worse in dry LA, and much better in a more humid place like NYC. Since it doesn’t make sense to build your life around the way…

BB Color Gloss review: A path to glossier color-treated hair?

Should you use this treatment to liven up color-treated hair?

Many things in life carry hidden costs that aren’t reflected in their initial price tags (caveat emptor indeed). For example, if you buy a large house, you’ll most likely need to spend more money to get it cleaned (or more time cleaning it yourself). If you start using waterproof mascara, you’ll also need to purchase eye makeup remover. If you color your hair, you’ll have to start buying sulfate-free shampoo to help preserve that color—and hair treatments like the one…

Carol's Daughter Almond Milk Hair Mask Review

This hair mask has a pleasant almond fragrance, and helps smooth out your flyaways and tangles—but it may weigh your hair down.

Bad hair days are the worst. Some people wear hats or scarves to cover up their less-than-luscious locks, but I usually just resort to tying my hair in a ponytail and using a bobby pin to smooth back my side bangs. Can any hair mask make your bad hair days a thing of the past? Probably not. But Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Hair Mask is one of those products that feels like an indulgence, and self care at its finest—even though its smoothing benefits don’t last very long for me.