Grand Wailea Maui Review: The best place to stay in Maui (or anywhere, really)

Learn about our stay at this luxury resort, which included an upgrade to an Ocean View room in the Napua Tower, idyllic sunsets—and even complimentary sunscreen.

Grand Wailea is possibly the best hotel we’ve ever stayed at. We were initially concerned when booking the hotel, since reviews we read online said that the property was dated, and only suitable for families (not adult couples). Fortunately, we didn’t find any of this to be true, and we had an awesome time. As a matter of fact, we also stayed at the Four Seasons (right next door to the Grand Wailea) for the last night of our trip, and we much preferred our time at the Grand Wailea.…

Sun Bum Original vs. Mineral SPF 50 sunscreen comparison review

Both of these sunscreens were available at The Four Seasons resort in Maui, Hawaii. Which one is superior?

Sun Bum was founded in 2010 and offers vegan, cruelty-free products that support the beach lifestyle. I love their packaging, too—it looks just like the bottle has been carved out of a surfboard. I’ve always been curious about their sunscreens, so I was pleased to see that the Four Seasons resort in Maui offered complimentary “reef-friendly” Sun Bum SPF 15, 30, and 50 sunscreen to their guests. (As you might have guessed, I only hit up the SPF 50 throughout my stay.) Later,…

Hawaiian Sol SPF 50 Reef Safe Sunscreen Review

This zinc oxide-based physical sunscreen is a little greasy and whitens the skin, but at least it's completely dedicated to being reef safe.

We signed up for a Trilogy tour to visit an island called Lana’i. One nice perk of this tour (aside from the fantastic cinnamon rolls!) was that free reef-safe sunscreen was provided free of charge, and you could apply it at your leisure throughout the day. Trilogy partnered with Hawaiian Sol to provide SPF 50 sunscreen to its guests. This is a biodegradable, reef-safe, and purely physical sunscreen. It doesn’t contain any of the chemical sunscreen agents that have been shown to be…