Liquid hand soap

Softsoap Soothing Aloe Vera Hand Soap review

This soap strangely contains red and yellow dyes, though it is a milky white color. It also contains mild fragrance.

Hand soap is a highly competitive product category. Product labels have to be eye-catching and full of buzzwords like “soothing,” “advanced,” “foaming”, “natural,” you name it. But as consumers, we have the power to look past the marketing—simply by turning the package over and reading the ingredient list. If a product label says “soothing,” you might logically assume that it is designed for people who are concerned about skin…

Target Up & Up Classic Clean Hand Soap review

This soap is a dupe of Softsoap Aquarium Series Hand Soap, but it contains harsher preservatives, which makes it a potentially risky choice for those with sensitive skin.

Fragrance-free hand soaps are hard to spot. For some reason, companies don’t think people will accept hand soaps unless they smell nice. I wish we had more options. A while ago, I accidentally bought Target Up & Up Classic Clean Clear Hand Soap without realizing that it contained fragrance. When it arrived, I didn’t want to waste it so I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, it aggravated my eczema and reinforced the idea that I should look for better hand soap options,…

Whole Foods Fragrance-free Hand Soap review

Fragrance-free hand soaps are few and far between. This is a solid option for people who have sensitive skin, but still like to wash their hands a lot.

I came down with a bad case of the flu a few weeks ago, and it really knocked me out. Ever since then, I’ve gotten much more diligent about washing my hands before touching my face or eating anything. But the more I wash my hands, the more it dries out and aggravates my sensitive skin. What’s a girl with hand eczema to do? This girl went out in search of a fragrance-free hand soap, in hopes that it would be less likely to cause irritation. One of the few widely available…