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Whole Foods Fragrance-free Hand Soap review

Fragrance-free hand soaps are few and far between. This is a solid option for people who have sensitive skin, but still like to wash their hands a lot.

I came down with a bad case of the flu a few weeks ago, and it really knocked me out. Ever since then, I’ve gotten much more diligent about washing my hands before touching my face or eating anything. But the more I wash my hands, the more it dries out and aggravates my sensitive skin. What’s a girl with hand eczema to do? This girl went out in search of a fragrance-free hand soap, in hopes that it would be less likely to cause irritation. One of the few widely available…

Whole Foods Fragrance-free Conditioner Review + Product Comparison: How does it stack up against its peers?

I asked my dad to compare this product against two other fragrance-free conditioners. Guess which one won?

The other day, I reviewed Whole Foods Fragrance-Free Shampoo. Today, I’m diving into its companion product: Whole Foods Fragrance-Free Conditioner. It’s packaged in the same type of plastic bottle, and looks very much the same.

Whole Foods Fragrance-free Shampoo review

Does this shampoo work as well as other, more conventional options? Plus, why are fragrance-free hair care products so hard to find?

As someone who has eczema (mainly on my hands), I’m always looking for ways to reduce exposure to irritants. Since I wash my hair almost every day, I realized that I should probably start looking for a fragrance-free shampoo—after all, your scalp is also part of your skin, and you apply shampoo with your hands. But sadly, it’s been my experience that fragrance-free hair care products are surprisingly difficult to find.